Apple Event: September 12, 2018 Round Up

Today, Apple announced some great new products, of course, the show stealer is the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, but they also announced a less expensive iPhone X product called iPhone XR. Unfortunately, my live blogging platform failed at the last minute, in spite of the fact that we tested the system yesterday to make sure that it would work, so I ended up having to do a Live Event on Twitter. For those of you that were able to join me there, this post is will cover the highlights of what you saw on Twitter. If you weren’t able to join me for the Event live, that’s fine. That’s what the round up post is for.

Look at the end of this post for some improvements coming to HomePod that did not receive the full treatment from Apple during today’s Event along with a few other highlights that may have been missed in the keynote.… [Read More]

Live Blog: Apple Event – September 12, 2018

At 10:00 am on Wednesday, September 12, 2018, Apple is expected to announce a brand new iPhone X, predicted to be called the iPhone XS, as well as the Series 4 Apple Watch and it’s also expected that we will have a release date for iOS 12.

What else is going to happen? We don’t know! I will be here, live blogging on this post at 10 am for those of you who are unable to watch the Apple Event live so check back with this page at 10:00 am Pacific Time!


My Live Blogging Plugin has failed. Check with me on Twitter:[Read More]

FDA Studies Grain Free Pet Foods

I want to preface this post by saying I am NOT a veterinary nutritionist, nor am I a veterinarian. I am not an expert. I want to put this information out there so that pet owners know what is going on and can do their own research and come to their own conclusions.

So here’s what I know:

Back in July, the FDA issued a statement. The FDA’s statement warned that grain free foods containing legumes and potatoes in the first five ingredients MAY be contributing to a condition called “Taurine Deficient Dilated Cardiomyopathy” in dogs that are being fed so-called “boutique diets.”

I talked to my vet. The advice I received was to look for a food without legumes or potatoes (white AND sweet) in the first five ingredients in the list. I am also to look for a company that has a veterinary nutritionist on staff.

So far, I have narrowed this list down to a few companies: Purina, Royal Canin, First Mate, and Petcurean that have a veterinary nutritionist on staff.… [Read More]

I’m Back with News on the Fall Apple Event!

Good afternoon!

After a nearly three year hiatus, Random Gemini is back and she is bigger and badder than ever! The blog has a new look, a new logo and a whole new attitude! Weirdly, I am planning out posts in advance and I have a great one coming up for you on Wednesday.

This week, I will be LIVEBLOGGING the 2018 Fall Apple Event.

There’s a lot of speculation about what’s being announced this week, but a lot less since Apple accidentally leaked a photo of the upcoming iPhone XS and Apple Watch Series 4 at the end of August. Expect to see a larger, higher resolution display with a faster CPU and major Watch OS improvements for Apple Watch Series 4 for sure.

The image leaked of the new iPhone XS shows two different iPhone XS models. One big and one small, much like the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.… [Read More]

Our Puppy is a Big Damn Hero

I apologize to my readers for my long absence from this blog. This post is overdue.

I have been hard at work on finishing my first novel and preparing it for publication and I’m still not done. I published a short story in an anthology under my pseudonym, Jolie Byrne. You can buy it here:

The Dragon’s Rocketship Presents: Hex Support

The proceeds from this anthology go to benefit a wonderful group of folks on the internet known as The Dragon’s Rocketship. They provide a safe space for people who are just a little bit weird. The know-it-alls. The smart-alecks. The nerds and the geeks and the sci-fi and fantasy enthusiasts. You know, people like me.

The paperback edition is available for sale now, the Kindle Edition is available for pre-order now and releases on December 1st, 2015. If you know me personally and order a paperback copy, bring it with you the next time we meet up and I will sign it for you!… [Read More]