An ailing pope, what’s next for Catholicism?

A German cardinal made a statement that Pope John Paul II is “in a bad way.” It has caused many to wonder what’s next in store for the catholic church.

Nostradamus accurately predicted the reigns of the popes from his time, up to and including John Paul II. Two more popes, according to Nostradamus, and it’s all over. What will we do then? What will the catholic church do then?

It’s a curious thing that I have always wondered about. I have to wonder if some of the man’s prophecies are true, and if he really could see the future. My instincts tell me that there is some truth in what he says, but weather it is a truth of such biblical proportions comes into question. Certainly there is some wisdom in his words, he warns of many things that we should have heeded and did not. I doubt there is anyone reading this that can argue that we are not a species that has a tendancy to repeat mistakes. If we learned from our mistakes, terrorism would be a thing of the past. Many things would be things of the past rather than of our present.

I will say a prayer for Pope John Paul II tonight, I rarely pray, but for him, I will. There can hardly be a person in this world more deserving of prayers, and there can hardly be anyone in the world that God is more likely to answer prayers for.