Feds to Pay for Cali’s Budget Deficit?

How wrong is this? I mean come on. The way you balance a budget is to cut spending to fit the amount of money you have available to you. Anyone who has ever balanced their checkbook knows what it means to not buy things for a while because you don’t have the cash. California needs to catch up.

Arnie, I love ya, but this is an insane idea. Just balance the bleeding budget!

Okay, okay, so it makes good political sense, but we’re already tired of paying for California’s mistakes. That whole energy fiasco a few years back? Rates for electricity went up all across the west coast thanks to the federal government stepping in and saying that other power companies had to sell power to California at a rate so deeply discounted that it was less than the costs incurred for producing that power. That discount got passed on to other consumers on the west coast in the form of a rate hike. Sure, California got cheap power, but the rest of us got screwed.