One More Thing…

Just one more thought regarding Terri Schiavo. After having put a little more thought and research into this I’ve still reached a similar conclusion, but I will say that it is biased because Michael Schiavo’s side of the story is non-existent. He won’t talk to the press and we only really know his side through his lawyer and through what Terri’s parents are saying to the press. Her husband is engaged to another woman, has two children, with this other woman. He has already moved on with his life, and it stands to reason, that if Terri’s parents want the responsibility of caring for her, financial and otherwise, he should simply divorce Terri and let them choose for her.

Yes, I think Mr. Schiavo has a right to choose for his wife, and while there is no legal obligation for him to consider the wishes of her family, there is a moral obligation to do so. It is possible for him to transfer legal guardianship to her parents. That’s what her parents want. Her parents feel that the reason he hasn’t done so, is because Terri has a 750,000$ medical fund that he can’t touch until she’s dead. If he divorces her, he loses his inheritance.

Further, I don’t think that it was right for the Florida legislature to pass a last minute statute specifically for the purpose of saving Terri’s life. Isn’t there a law somewhere that says that a law cannot be passed for the benefit of one person?

Again, there is no moral victory here. The entire situation is very tragic and perhaps Mr. Schiavo really is operating in the best interests of his wife, but the mere concept of 750,000$ can do strange things to people and their morality. We won’t know the whole story until Mr. Schiavo comes out and talks to the press. Until then, I am not certain that it is possible to pass a fair judgement either way.