Update Re: Terri Schiavo

I have been corrected, apparently Mr. Schiavo did make an appearance on Larry King Live. (Thanks for posting that one missy). And I will say… that I still believe that Terri’s parents have a point, on the other hand… so does Mr. Schiavo. This is such a tough call in any direction.

All I can truly say is that I hope this works out for the best for Terri, not for her parents, not for her husband, but for her. I think that Florida was wrong to pass a law specifically for her benefit. I think that was unconstitutional. I’m a republican and I think it was wrong. So… please don’t believe that this is an agenda that represents the feelings of all conservatives. I care about Terri and what happens to her, I do.

I feel that her lack of quality of life is horrendous. I feel that her parents are doing her an injustice, I feel that her husband is doing her an injustice in some respects in that he should have asked her to put her wishes in writing when she said them the first time. I feel that she did herself an injustice and to her family as well, by not making her wishes clear.

I know, that if Terri were my child, I would have a very difficult time letting go. I’m not sure I would have the strength to let go of my child like that, even if I knew that there was no hope for recovery. Some part of me would always hold out faith that something could have been done, and no matter which way I went, I would forever have doubt about that decision. As a parent, how do we ever truly know that we are doing the right things for our children? Sure, there are some issues that are black and white, but our world is very much patterned in shades of gray. All parents end up doing the best they can and hoping they did the right thing in the end, and many parents never know weather they did the right thing or not.

Like so many things, when all of us are parents, or sons and daughters, how can we ever truly know that we have done the right thing? And how can government hope to step in to pass judgment on that for us when government is as flawed and human as we are?

Something to think about.