Behind the Times: Goose Creek School Incident

Behind the Times Goose Creek School Incident

I’m a tad behind the times on this one, apparently it happened last week. A public school was raided by police with dogs in search of drugs. Apparently children were forced down onto the ground at gun point by officers and told “You should blame the kids that are bringing in drugs for this.” No drugs were found on the premises.

Dear God. This is only one reason that many parents are looking to alternate forms of education. When are our legislators going to realize that they have done something horribly wrong with the public school system? When are our educators going to realize that there is more to teaching kids than simply making them feel good about themselves in the classroom? When are we going to realize that it’s wrong to blame them for our own paranoia when they dress in all black and choose to be different from other kids?

We need to encourage our children to be responsible for themselves, not haul in the local police department to put the fear of God into them. It’s just a cop out, it’s putting a name to something you fear so that you can medicate for it, judge against it and no one will question your decision. We need to encourage individuality in our children, not slap it with a label of some psychiatric diagnosis that explains everything away….

Now where did that come from? I suppose that essay on public education that has been forthcoming should probably be written…