Jackson At It Again?

In this editorial, FoxNews asks all the right questions. What is wrong with these parents who allow their children to go spend the night with a forty year old man? What are they thinking? What makes them think that this is okay?

Guilty or not, Jackson does have issues… I mean come on, the man has been in the public eye since he was FIVE! He did not have a normal upbringing by any means. How in the world could anyone possibly think that he is grounded in any semblance of reality as the rest of us know it? He was deprived of the things that the rest of us take for granted. Idyllic scenes of climbing trees and swinging on a tire swing in the front yard don’t exactly populate his memories here. I don’t necessarily feel that this is his fault, or that this means that he is guilty of anything, but he is a little… eccentric. You’ve got to admit that. I mean his house is populated with plush toys… come on here. This writer’s hit the nail on the head. I have children, if he invited my kids over to his house for a sleepover, I would say “No thank you.” and move on with life. Not just because of the allegations against him, but also because I love my children and I would have to question his motives.

Jackson’s issues aside, the damage that has allegedly been done to these young boys would easily be avoided by parents simply being smart and saying no to the King of Pop.