Bush Didn’t Lie.

Still don’t realize that Bush didn’t lie? Well… here’s a few links for you:

David Kay is the proof. Intelligence gathering failed in terms of Iraq before Hussein’s fall. This absolutely does NOT mean that Bush lied. Bush didn’t lie. He was just given bad information, and so was former Pres. Clinton.

Still more on this from the Washington Post.

    “Kay told The Post he had found evidence that Hussein had quietly destroyed some biological and chemical weapons in the mid-1990s — but never reported it to the United Nations. Which was why President Bill Clinton in 1998 declared with great alarm and great confidence that Hussein had huge stockpiles of biological and chemical arms — “and some day, some way, I guarantee you he’ll use the arsenal.”

    The intelligence failure is quite spectacular, but its history is quite prosaic. When the U.N. inspectors left in 1998, they assumed that the huge stockpiles of unaccounted-for weapons still existed. What other assumption could they make? That Hussein had destroyed them and not reported that to the very agency that could have then vindicated him and gotten sanctions lifted?”

There you have it. Based on the information we had at the time, Clinton would have made the same decision. This article states that we had two choices. One, go to war, two, let the UN sanctions be lifted and let Hussein start rebuilding his WMD programs.

What decision would you make in the president’s shoes?