2004 in Review

Everyone’s writing their year in review columns, so I thought I would write mine.

Dave Barry has said, in so many words, that 2004 sucked. To be honest, I agree with him. On a world wide scale, on a personal level… and oh so many other levels, 2004 was probably the worst year I’ve had in my life, other than when I fell on a fish tank when I was 10 and spent a week of my summer in the hospital after five hours of reconstructive surgery, and a further… several months (I don’t know how many) doing physical therapy and having my mom write my homework for me until I regained the use of my hand.

Yeah… 2004 really blew. But there were some positive notes. Being the optimist that I am, I’d like to focus on these things.

1. Bush got re-elected which moved many Democrats to burst into tears and cry and then proclaim that someone threw rocks at them.
2. That al-Zarqawi dude… well.. our army threw some rocks at HIS head, and he deserved it, considering he was throwing knives at other people’s heads and actually hitting them. I know that many people were not thrilled about the attack on Fallujah, but let’s be honest with ourselves here. When a guy is kidnapping foreign aid workers, journalists and the like, then cuts off their heads and posts video footage of these gruesome acts on the internet for everyone to see, you have to do something about it, especially when you know where the guy is operating from. We did. It was a good thing. Notice.. that there have been no more videos of people getting decapitated circulating the web ever since the attack on Fallujah, and those French journalists went home and are very much alive.
3. Saddam Hussein is in jail. Rightly so! Justice can prevail.
4. Sony announced that the PSP will be available for purchase in the United States some time in 2005. Having seen some reviews of the systems, which are already on sale in Japan, it looks as though the PSP might just topple the gameboy in the handheld console world. It’s just as well, Nintendo pulled some sneaky crap on Sony back in the day.
5. Geneon licensed Last Exile, and it’s a good thing too. It’s anime my husband actually enjoys. Anime that brings the family together, is always a good thing.

Hrm.. I’ve run out of good things. See? It really did suck. But next year will be better. Happy New Year!