30 Civilians, Including Children Dead in Israeli Attacks on Gaza?

And how many Israeli children died or were injured when Hamas launched ROCKETS on civilian targets within Israel?

Is Reuters publishing that number in their article?


Instead, they are trying to sell this notion to the American public that Israel is the bad guy here. Israel is doing something wrong by invading Gaza and kicking the holy shit out of Hamas? Really? And what would Reuters say if Mexico City suddenly started launching rockets on the city of Dallas? What if Barack Obama had been trying to negotiate peace for 80 years, and nothing moved? What if Barack Obama had been trying to negotiate peace and the international community did not care about the safety of the citizens of the United States?

Who would he have to side with then? The UN? The “international community” at large? Or should he side with the people who hired him to represent them? Whose interests should be more important to him in this country’s hour of need?

Israel chose.

It chose to defend itself, and I believe it is well within its rights to defend its people when rockets are being dropped on their heads from within the Gaza strip. By no means should Israel have to negotiate with terrorists who are killing Israeli children in their beds at night. It makes no sense to try to negotiate peace with someone who does not wish for it and only wants what they want, no matter what the price.

It’s time to smack down the petulant child that is Hamas and tell them that under no circumstances will bloodshed be answered with gifts and kind words.

Good for you Israel. Good for you.