7 Things Guys Do to Make Chicks Think They’re Perverts.

I’m just going to cut and paste the list, but the original article can be found on “The Bachelor Guy” and was written by TechChick.

Do read the original article for the explanation behind each item on the list, but the list alone was enough for me to raise my hand above my laptop and shout, “Amen to that sistah!”

1. Accidental Breast Touch #2
2. Broadcasting Your Love of Playboy
3. The Creepy, Across-the-bar Stare
4. Going to the Gym or Appearing in Public Wearing Anything Leopard/Cheetah Print, a Headband, or – Good Heavens – Those Dreaded Zubaz Pants From 1989.
5. Bringing Up Your Sexual Escapades, or Asking About Mine, Within 24 Hours of Meeting Me.
6. Offering to Come Home From the Grocery Store with Me to Carry and Put Away My Groceries.
7. Coming Off Like You’ve Never Seen a Real, Live Woman Before: