A couple little things…

First thing, to everyone who has been curious and emailing me, (and I know you all know where my blog is), I’m fine. I’ve been busy with college life and real life, but otherwise all is well. I’ve just had a lot to think about and a lot to get done lately.

Second thing. The Va. Tech shootings. Surprise, surprise. I’m a college student and I’ve been watching the headlines go by about this story for days. I’ve got a couple things to say regarding it and then I will return you to your regularly scheduled static.

The shooter was mentally ill. There is no reason why his record should not have been flagged so that a background check would have said that he was not able to purchase a gun. Even the authorities in Virginia are mystified on this point. He should not have been able to purchase a gun period… let alone two guns.

Stricter gun control laws would not have changed a thing about the deaths of these 33 students.

Let me say that again for the cheap seats in Italy and Britain who have made comments about our higher murder rate here in America.

Stricter gun control laws would not have saved a single life in this scenario.

A campus lock down after during the hour and 45 minutes after first two shootings would have saved 31 people from death and 9 from injury. Don’t give me this cop-out about the campus being huge because that’s all it is, a cop-out.

This campus wide lock down did not happen. As a direct result of the lack of concern for student safety on the part of Va. Tech, students died.

Instead of asking why we don’t have stricter gun control laws, we should be asking why that campus was still open for business when two students had already died that morning. Classes should have been canceled and students should have been evacuated to safe locations.