A few more words on Terri Schiavo

A commentor on Justus for All mentioned that this case has innundated the media so heavily that he can’t turn on the television or listen to talk radio without hearing someone say something about it. I, being the random gemini that I am, proceeded to go off on a rant that I felt was better posted here.

The whole thing is a bit much. I can’t help but blog on it because it offends my senses on many levels. I believe in my heart that it is better for Terri to die peacefully. I also feel that Terri’s parents have turned this whole scenario into a media circus to win the case in the court of public opinion in hopes that they would get their way.

The court of public opinion and a court of law are not the same thing. The law has limitations that set it apart from religious belief, morality and emotional response. It cannot respect one faith over another, or the rights of one person over another and it won’t make decisions based on what makes you feel good about yourself. It must be indifferent to these concerns, otherwise it isn’t equal or just.

The idea that someone would attempt to manipulate that system using the media as a venue for it is offensive to me. They obviously cannot win in court, they knew it, so they hoped that if enough public outcry was raised in their favor, something could be done.

What about Michael Schiavo’s rights? What about the rights of husbands and wives all over the country who are faced with this exact same choice? How many of us have looked at our loved ones in the course of this case and said, “If something like that happens to me, pull the plug.”?

The point of this is, just saying that to your spouse isn’t enough anymore. It’s not enough. A living will has now become a necessity if you want to ensure that you will never end up like that. It’s not right. I trust my husband to make the right choice. I wouldn’t be married to him if I didn’t. People who can’t trust their spouses to make the choices that are in their best interests simply should not be married to that person. If Terri did trust Michael that much, her parents certainly disagree with what she wanted and have now proven that it is possible to force their will upon her, even after she has reached the age of majority and chose someone else to make those decisions.

Is this right? No. I don’t care how much of a scumbag Michael Schiavo is, it’s still not right to take away his rights, because his rights are Terri’s will. She chose him. Period.