A Morning in the Life of 2 Gemini

So I got up on time this morning.

Daughter overslept.

Son got up on time.

Hubby took daughter to school and I took son to school and up to this point, everything was totally ok.

I get the son to school and I come home to discover that hubby has left me with the oatmeal that I do not eat for breakfast… and no other breakfast supplies. I checked the board where we write down the stuff we’re out of before I left because I pass 2 grocery stores and several breakfast establishments on the way back from taking the son to school. I also checked the pantry, just in case.

Whoever took the last package of oatmeal out of the other box… left the empty box sitting on the shelf. So I had no idea that I had to stop to get myself something to eat…

And yeah, I could have eaten the other oatmeal, but my stomach seriously balked at the idea of eating banana flavored oatmeal this morning. Don’t ask me why.

So… I texted hubby and asked him to leave me a note next time please and he, of course, takes this badly because he’s at work and I really shouldn’t text him about this crap when he’s at work and I know it… but it’s just really thrown a HUGE wrench into my plans because I have NO free time this morning except for the time I’m taking right now to write this post. As soon as I’m done, I have to haul butt out the door and I won’t be able to get anything else done until 5.

So much for working on my book today. *sigh*

So I get my crap together for the 30 minute run to starbucks and back and as I’m grabbing my purse, there’s Mugen digging at the back of my sofa… again. He ate fiber fill… again. He’s taken to butt tucking so that I can’t catch his seriously in DEEP trouble puppy butt while he swallows whatever it is that he’s stolen. The mouth full of fiber fill wasn’t small this time, it was huge.

I tackled him and pinned him to the floor and he’d already swallowed all of it. So, I inadvertently made him vomit while I was checking his throat for fiber fill (usually I can grab stuff before he swallows all the way, if I’m careful)… I’m pretty sure he hasn’t vomited up all of what he ate, but he can probably pass what’s left… so now Mugen gets to ride around with me on all my errands of the day because I can’t leave him alone for the next 24 hours… I have to make sure that he vomits/passes all of this material.

So… I clean up the mess, I sew the couch shut… AGAIN and this time, I’m getting out the upholstery staples before I leave.

Toss the pup in the car… head to Starbucks after a bowl of perfect oatmeal and a white chocolate mocha… and for the first time today… something goes RIGHT!!!

I get on the road… all the lights are green between me and starbucks. Mugen is an ANGEL in the car. He leans over to give me a puppy kiss as we pull in to the drive thru. The gal at the starbucks recognizes my voice on the speaker, even though I’m only there MAYBE once a week tops AND remembers my order and remembers to give me my white chocolate mocha without whipped cream! I even got to exchange a wave with another MINI Cooper driver on the way home!

Mugen has passed out at my feet for a nap and I’m not sure if I should be concerned or what. I do know that he is NOT riding shot gun with me, period. I don’t care how cute he is. I’m expecting another round of vomiting and I’m actually sort of hoping that the run through the twisties at moderate speed later this morning will do the job. So now I have to go line the boot of my car with plastic and canvas… and pack a couple of trash bags and a bottle of Febreeze.

Wish us luck.