A New Pontiff!

So.. we’ve got a new pope. Benedict XVI. The pope formerly known as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. The second non-italian pope in 450 years. According to Nostradamus, he’s only supposed to preside for seven months, then he’ll die of natural causes. I heard some negative commentary from one of my catholic instructors on his selection. Largely because, as a Cardinal, he called for the removal of women from the altar during mass. I’ve read further negative commentary via Instapundit that says that he’s not telling the truth about his enrollment in the Hitler Youth.

What card carrying German citizen who was alive in the World War II era would admit to willingly participating, even if he did willingly participate? And it wasn’t exactly like he had a choice in the matter.

Personally, I’m glad to see that we have a new pope. I hope that he will live up to the legacy left behind by John Paul II. I think that Benedict XVI realizes he’s got some big shoes to fill, and I also hope that Nostradamus was wrong about his short rule.