A Question for Those Who are Still Complaining About the War in Iraq.

Let’s say that in six weeks, there’s a coup and a military general takes control of our country. When he gets himself in power, they round up every single gun from every registered gun owner in the country, and then start cracking down hard on the major cities so that by the time they get done, no one in the populace has firearms. Just knives and whittled down spoons to protect themselves.

Then let’s say that this fictional general decides that if people speak badly of him, he’s going to send soldiers to their front door to shoot them in front of their friends and neighbors to make an example of them to the people.

Let’s say we live this way… for a few decades.

Then China gets ticked off at this guy and decides its time to oust him from power.

Would you honestly care about how much money it cost them to take out this general? Would you care about their reasons for going in? Is there any reason that you would not want them to do it?

You can’t tell me that the honest answers to any of these questions, from deep in your heart, is yes.

Now realize, that what you have just pondered and considered as a possible future for America is what Iraq and Afghanistan have been going through.

Still feel like you have a right to complain?