A Rain to Wash the World Clean.

The title of this article is probably my favorite line from Cowboy Bebop. It comes at the end of Cowboy Bebop the movie, when Jet is talking about the aftermath of all of the exploits of Spike, Fay, Ed and himself where they use the rain to give the world a vaccine to protect them from a deadly engineered virus. That scene is probably one of the more poignant moments in the whole of anime. And after the year I have had this year, I have been praying for that rain.

Today, I got it. It’s sort of an odd feeling. I have never been all that enthusiastic about snow because I hate winter driving, but when one of the gals on the MINI forums posted that this month’s photo contest was winter driving, I started praying for the snow. I’m looking forward to trying out Viola’s new shoes and when I saw the snow coming down outside my window it was as though someone had taken all of the horrible things that I have seen and lived through this year.. and said, “You can let it go now. You don’t have to hang on anymore.”

For the first time since June, I felt like my life was mine again and that, as of today, I owe nothing to anyone.

Nevermind that a huge snow storm is coming down on us and that the weather agencies are reporting that we can expect 11 inches of snow overnight. Nevermind that the temperatures are supposed to drop to six degrees below zero.

Forget all of that.

Today, I’ve got my head back on and it happened so quickly that I might not have noticed it. Today, I feel like I can stop grieving for the dead. Today, I feel like I can live again.

Pardon me. Viola and I are going to go play in the snow.