Addicted to Stress?

It’s here. The last three weeks of the quarter. I’ve been dreading it since the quarter began because two of my classes are backloaded.

Here’s my run down for the next three weeks.

Women’s Studies: 5-10 page Literature Report (due Friday). Teach a class on the poetry of Sharon Olds (Thursday). Do my book club presentation with my book club group (which we may need to re-work from the ground up because it seems we missed the point of our book entirely in the reading). Read one complete novel. 5-10 page final paper on which author, that we have covered in the class, is absolutely essential (or completely non-essential) to the learning objectives as outlined in the syllabus.

Astronomy: 3 tests. 2 labs. 2 moon observations (out of five total, I have completed three of them). Number of lessons to complete from Telecourse Guide: 13. Number of videos remaining to be watched over the next three weeks: Also 13.

Algebra: Daily homework assignments, 2 tests, 1 quiz.

Extra-curricular: 1 reading of my own, personal, poetry at the Wire Harp Coffee House on Campus in the SUB at 11:30 tomorrow after Lit Class. (Please don’t tell me you’re coming if you want to, that’ll just scare me and I’ll lose my voice! *chuckle*)

I’m totally screwed. But, in the past I have found that I do my best when working under pressure. So I plan to sit down as soon as I get finished typing this, plug in my CD with “Stress” on it, by Jim’s Big Ego and jam and cram.

Wednesday Update: I didn’t totally blow the astronomy test. That’s out of the way, 2 more tests to go and 1 more lab! Still a mountain of Lit Homework, but I think I will be okay, lots to talk about there.