An Open Letter…

… to people who are finding blogs in search of the Nick Berg video.

seldom sober: open letter

Scary stuff. Even scarier are the comments on this page, where people open up and begin taking cracks at the author of the article. Come on, wake up here people.

The blogosphere is slowly becoming an important part of the way we get our news. Much like the internet changed how we received it. Now, many are dissatisfied with the major media outlets because we have discovered just how little of the truth is being reported, and how much spin is being placed on the news we read, see and hear.

Just like there are checks and balances in our government, there should be checks and balances on the way we get our information about our government and its activities.

I’m thankful for the blogosphere, you should be too.

Update: Shamelessly jacked this link from InstaPundit. Neal Boortz has some commentary on this as well.

Another update: Aww heck… just read the post on InstaPundit, it tells all.