And yet another idiot files a lawsuit…

Come on people! iTunes will gladly let you put DRM free mp3’s from other services on board its device. If you’ve got a problem with WMA files, stop downloading them! Microsoft is only pulling the WMA thing because they want you to buy a Zune.

This lady’s claim has some serious issues that anyone who understands this technology will look at and see immediately. In fact, the majority of her claims are so laughable that it’s the only reason I bothered to share the article at all. If she gets a judge who bothers to keep up on technology at all, I fully expect that he (or she) will laugh this woman out of the court room.

Read the article and get a good laugh. This isn’t the first time that someone has filed against Apple for violations of the Sherman Anti-Trust act, and I doubt it will be the last, but it certainly is the dumbest I have seen by far.