And yet Moore….

Pete Townshend of The Who, has taken a shot at Michael Moore that really brings this man’s character into question for me. After reading his comments, I have to wonder if Moore isn’t a spoiled child who simply isn’t getting his way.

Read them for yourself and see what you think.

Update: Pete Townshend’s entry has been deleted from his website. For those interested in what he had to say, here’s the quote and a link to a story about the whole dilemma:

“I have nothing against Michael Moore personally, and I know Roger Daltrey is a friend and fan of his, but I greatly resent being bullied and slurred by him in interviews just because he didn’t get what he wanted from me. It seems to me that this aspect of his nature is not unlike that of the powerful and willful man at the centre of his new documentary. I wish him all the best with the movie, which I know is popular, and which I still haven’t seen. But he’ll have to work very, very hard to convince me that a man with a camera is going to change the world more effectively than a man with a guitar.”