Anime Review: Ai Yori Aoshi

Welcome to another anime review!

In Ai Yori Aoshi, Aoi, a young, yet traditional Japanese beauty goes to meet her future husband for the first time, the man she has trained all of her life to please and has devoted all of her time to. It is only after the two meet that we discover that the arranged marriage was called off but somehow Aoi and Kaoru fall in love and from there, crazy hijinks ensue!

This series does not particularly stand out above and beyond other anime in terms of animation, story or soundtrack. If giant robots, action and excitement are your thing, then Ai Yori Aoshi is probably not for you.

But, it does give the viewer a peek into the nuances of Japanese culture, and this in itself makes the entire series very much worth watching. Not only is the story engaging for an audience who is seeking out romantic comedy, but it gives us insight into the difficulties in life for those in Japan who seek to live out a lifestyle that is very much traditionally Japanese.

Where the soundtrack stands out most is in its smooth flow with the series. It adds to the scenes rather than detracting from them, which makes the show stand up from the screen just a little bit further.

Overall, a horribly cute, witty and fun series that is worthy of viewing for anyone looking for the lighter side of anime.