Anime Semi-Review: Cowboy Bebop

Just a commentary. You’ll probably notice over the next few months, that my reviews on anime are a little more… harsh than they were previously. This would be because I finally sat down and watched Cowboy Bebop from start to finish. I’ve avoided it for a long time because the first episode kind of grossed me out, but once I got past it and into the rest of the series, I saw what everyone was talking about when they praised this series.

Yoko Kanno has done all of my favorite soundtracks for anime series so far. The Wolf’s Rain soundtrack tops my list for favorite anime soundtrack from a series that is currently being released. Rah-Xephon’s soundtrack is also absolutely gorgeous, and also features the hauntingly beautiful voice talent of Maaya Sakamoto. Most anime soundtracks pale in comparrison to her work.

Also… stories in anime just don’t get much better than Cowboy Bebop. I do hope that Wolf’s Rain and Gungrave live up to the expectations set forth by Cowboy Bebop and Trigun.