Anybody But Bush

Mr. Justus at Justus For All sent me a fascinating article shortly after 9/11 that detailed all of Hussein’s acts of genocide against the Kurdish people. I wish I still had the link to that article or had printed it out. It was a frightening testament to why some people simply shouldn’t be allowed to run countries and it was definitely what Dave told me it was when he sent it, required reading on Iraq.

In lieu of that article, I present you with this: The Lessons of Halabja. If you don’t like my article, simply google “Halabja” and you can find your own stories about what happened there in 1988.

Those who know me have probably long since realized that I am a very people centric person. Material stuff is neat and fun to look at and play with, but people come first in my life. After I read about the crimes against the Kurds… I knew that we had to help the Iraqi people, that I would never be able to live with myself as an American if we chose not to stand up and remove the regime that had literally poisoned the future of the Kurds in Halabja.

What amazes me now, is all of the people in this country that are anti-Iraq war. There are so many people willing to cast their votes for our future because they didn’t want our boys to die.

To those people, I have to ask you what about the Kurdish children that live with genetic diseases because Hussein poisoned the very air their parents breathed? If you vote to allow such tyranny to continue in other countries around the world… how can you possibly live with yourselves?

No… I don’t think our president’s decision was based on the right information. It was still the right choice, it was the moral thing to do, and the human thing to do. I would rather vote for a man who was willing to the right thing for the wrong reasons than a man who’s life has been based around what is best for his personal advancement rather than the advancement of society as a whole.

And as it is Blog For Bush Wednesday, again I ask you to please reconsider if you are of the opinion, “Anybody but Bush.” Take a look into Halabja for yourself. Realize that even if we went to Iraq for the wrong reasons, we still did the right thing.