Apple Event September 9, 2014

An update on the rumor mill before this morning’s event begins:

1. They say that we’re going to see a Phablet from Apple. I will be shocked and will be writing Tim Cook a sternly worded email if this happens. That is a nascent market with a SMALL amount of appeal. How many of you actually OWN a Phablet? Be honest. A friend of mine knows who he is. You, sir, do not count, because you are the only person I know that has one.

2. iWatch. Rumors have been going around about this device for years. Are we gonna see it? Maybe. I can tell you that Apple has something HUGE planned for this event. ABC is covering it live and this never happens. So whatever it is, it’s big.

3. There will be a release date for iOS 8 announced today. A lot of folks have been saying Apple will release it today, but that is not how Apple rolls. They will release it, probably within a week and today, the developer emails will go out telling folks to make sure all of their apps work under the new version of iOS.

4. 64 bit A8 processor is a natch, IMO.

5. New design courtesy Sir Johnny Ive, also a no brainer here.

6. I have also seen rumors that they are going to launch Yosemite at this event. I’m not so sure. We’ll see what they do. I do expect there will be one or two surprises because Apple is making a HUGE deal out of this event.

I’ll be live tweeting this event and posting updates on a post on Facebook as I am able. So, if you aren’t able to get to an Apple TV or are stuck in a meeting this morning, all of the updates will be there for you to follow! I’ll also have a nice, comprehensive post of the things I found to be the most interesting about this event within an hour or so after the event is over, because you know, I can’t write the thing BEFORE they even have the event.