Apple Fires off Harsh Words at Real

And Drunkenblog has some things to say about it that are incredibly interesting.

Given what this guy has to say, it makes perfect sense that Apple might accuse Real of hacking the DRM in the ipod. According to drunkenbatman, the ipod is a thing that is living on a very short time span, and sooner or later, our mp3 players, cameras, pdas and all the other gadgetry that we carry around with us, will be built into our cell phones.

As an owner of a cell phone that can play mp3’s, take pictures, e-mail, instant message, web surf, receive phone calls, hold all my appointments and sound off an alarm before the appointed appointment time to remind me.. (and it also has about 100 or so games available to play on it, including Prince of Persia. No, my cell phone is *not* an n-gage either, just your basic run of the mill high end pda phone) I totally know what this guy is saying.

The ipod’s days as a stand-alone device are numbered. It’s the DRM that Apple cares about protecting… and that, makes a hell of a lot of sense when you look at the big picture.