Bandwagon Jumpers and Gay Marriage

We’ve all done it. We’ve all been guilty of piggybacking our own beliefs onto the beliefs of others in order to get them recognized, but to sit there and tell supporters of Gay Marriage that the ban on it in California also speaks volumes about racism and hatred is not fair. I believe that it takes power away from those couples who are desperately trying to seek some societal recognition for the lives they lead. I see nothing wrong with those couples receiving recognition from the law. I see everything wrong with activists for other organizations who have nothing to do with gay marriage on your average day of the week, showing up to make a fuss because it gets their cause back in the newspapers. Grow up.

Many Christians, right or wrong, believe that the bible says that those who are homosexual cannot be married. I have been unable to find passages that corroborate that, but I have found passages that are ambiguous. These are the same passages that Christians often cite to support their arguments that gay marriage is against God. I don’t see a lot of biblical support for the argument, to be brutally honest with you folks. But I can tell you that the law has no place in forcing religion to do something it does not wish to do. Christian churches that believe that gay marriage goes against God, do not have to perform marriage ceremonies for same sex couples. Churches that do, can perform those ceremonies if they like.

The law should not enter into this. Marriage is a faith based union. It was given legal status to protect families because that is one of societies primary goals. If we protect the family unit at its most basic nature, then we are protecting the longevity of society. The law should not give a damn as to weather that family has a mother and a father, or two fathers, or two mothers. However, it has long been taught to Americans that we can legislate whatever we want. We have been taught that everything has a place in the law. And now, after two decades of victims rights advocacy, and protections for people who were already protected under the law, we have church-goers and churches themselves vying for the right to have a little of their beliefs legislated.

It’s only a natural progression of events.