Barack Obama to Suffer from Internet Withdrawal.

This is something that had never occurred to me. The president of the United States cannot communicate via email. I’m sure that I knew that somewhere deep down, but I was sure exceptions were made for family. I was positive that it was always possible for George Bush to email pictures of his wife and pets to his parents as they enjoy their retirement, but the New York Times pointed out that Barack Obama is expecting to be told by the secret service to give up his blackberry.

People that know me in real life know that it is nearly impossible to separate me from my iPhone. I am practically attached to the thing, and when I broke my first gen iPhone earlier this week I was so upset that I wrote a scathing blog post about the 3g that I had replaced the phone with. Of course… now I don’t want to give the 3g up because it’s my NEW iPhone and is my NEW appendage… and it’s shiny too.

I am not sure that I would ever be able to bring myself to hand it over. Not even if I had been elected ruler of the free world.

President-elect Obama, I already admire you for being willing to hand over your crackberry to the secret service. If you manage to bring yourself to do it without saying, “Screw you! I’m not taking this tin pot job!” you, Sir… are a far better person than I.