Barack Obama Wins Iowa Caucus!

Usually, I vote conservative, but Barack Obama winning the Iowa caucus really is a vindication for me. I have been saying for months, that Obama should be taken seriously as a candidate and I believe that even the democrats that surround me have said, “Well I really like the guy, but he won’t get the nomination.”

To those people I say, “Ha! In your face!”

Congrats to Obama and his campaign crew.

Congrats also go to Mike Huckabee for surprising me and making me realize that I needed to take him more seriously as well. I didn’t suspect that Romney would win, but I wasn’t entirely sure who would. For me that was really a toss up between McCain and Guiliani. Huckabee seems far to right of right for me, but Republican voters in Iowa seem to like that about him.

If this is a predictor of who we’ll see on the ballot in November, and by no means should this be taken as proof positive, I don’t have a choice. I’ll vote for Obama.