Barbie’s Computer Engineer Degree Program is a Joke

I LOVED Barbie when I was a kid. Barbie could do anything. Barbie was a beach babe. She was a ballerina. She was a rock star. She was a doctor. She was a business professional with her brief case and sensible shoes. She was also glamorous and really gave me my appreciation for glitter. For my daughter, she was a veterinarian.

I don’t normally give kids toys a ton of grief, but when we live in a world where girls are not taken seriously in the computer science field and so very few college freshman applying for degrees in engineering and science are women, this kind of crap cannot be allowed to stand.

It’s not that I’m some kind of computer genius. I am not trying to sell my skills as something that they aren’t. It’s just that if something goes wrong with my computer, I do not need a MAN to fix it for me. Clearly, Barbie does. I can reboot a machine by myself, without assistance, and Barbie, who can be a “computer engineer” needs help with that because she can’t do that by herself. I also know that computer engineers aren’t stupid enough to spread viruses to their kid sister’s laptops via a laughably outdated piece of technology. Barbie doesn’t seem to be aware of the fact that thumb drives were outmoded by DropBox about six years ago.

And.. “Nerdy is the new Fab!” Seriously? Excuse me while I barf.