Bathing the Dog

Yes, as opposed to wagging…

So the dog got bathed… after much wiggling and moving around… because my dog is well.. a labrador retriever.. and he loves the water and to be in the water and a bath is an occassion for much joy and many doggy smiles. If you’ve never seen a dog smile, then you just haven’t been looking. They do, but you gotta watch for it.

Got the dog brushed out twice… thought I had most of the hair out of him… boy was I wrong. It seems that the bath loosened up a whole crap ton more hair than I thought he had… so now we get to wait for him to air dry and do it all over again.

No point in vacuuming the house yet, cause it’s just going to get worse over the course of the next two hours. Should be entertaining.

The dog is now wandering around the house sulking. One of the primary reasons that we humans bathe dogs, is because sooner or later.. they start to stink. Well… the dog smelled weird. It was time. He’s very upset about his smell going away only to be replaced by the wonderfully clean scent of aloe vera based doggy shampoo.

But now… I feel like I need a bath. A very long, hot bubble bath… *sigh*