Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad North American Release!

I got my hands on a copy of Beck today! I’m so excited I can’t tell you! I couldn’t wait to grab my pocket knife and carefully slice open the plastic covering the disc. Inside is a black guitar pick with the Beck logo inscribed on the front, on the back it says “Music is life!” Which, as any fan of this series knows is the key premise of the show.

The big worry I had was that the opening and closing credits would not be in tact. I checked those out real fast, then sat down to watch a little bit before dinner. So just so everyone knows, I have NOT spent much time with this DVD. What I can tell you is as follows:

The opening credits are in tact! I am very pleased that the music for Beck is still “Hit in America”. I hadn’t seen confirmation of this in any articles on the release of this series so far, so for any readers who’ve happened upon this and were wondering… yes, the Beat Crusaders are still a part of the show.

The closing credits appear to have been modified ever so slightly. There is a glitch at the end of the opening credits on the first episode. You can hear where the sound has been edited to make the closing credits shorter and the visual of Kurt Cobain at the end of the episode doesn’t stay on screen as long as it did in the Japanese release, but Miester’s awesomely cool song, “My World Down” is still in place at the end of the show.

Other than that, I picked through a few scenes in the first episode and felt that the voice casting that I heard was appropriately chosen. More later as I get the opportunity to spend time with this awesome DVD!

The photo is of the DVD sitting on my dining room table 🙂Beck

Update: 7-10-07

Sorry this took so long. This is probably frustrating as today is the official release date for this DVD. I did finally get to sit down and watch it though and I am very, very pleased with Funimation’s treatment of Beck. I pray that they will do an equally excellent job with Mushishi. This series is simply outstanding, and one that belongs in the collection of every anime hobbyist, otaku or dabbler.