Birthdays and Other Weirdness

I got an early birthday present from Dave@Justus For All. Thanks Dave. I had so much fun sitting down and opening cards with Angel today. She had so much fun doing it, that she broke down and bought a pre-constructed deck when we were at the mall. It was the highlight of my day!

I hadn’t really thought about my birthday much, other than joking with my husband that he needed to spend 300$ on magic cards for me for my birthday. It is coming up and yet another year has passed and I’ve been living it and loving every minute. I’m so blessed in my life to have good friends and wonderful family. I have been made very aware of that this week by all of them and I am very grateful for it.

Here’s the backstory: My hubby is on a business trip. He hasn’t left town in three years, and before that it had been a very long time since he’d left me and the kids at home. He’s been very stressed about the trip and the week leading up to the trip was a struggle. Everyone around us noticed it and has been immensely supportive and understanding. I appreciated that very much.

It went beyond that just that though. On Sunday, before he left, Jen called me and told me that if anything went wrong, even a flat tire at 3 am in the rain, I was to call her and that she was available to help me. I thanked her and told her to drop by if she felt like it, that I didn’t have any big plans and was planning to have a quiet week at home with the kids.

Monday, my mother called and spent an hour on the phone with me to make sure we were doing okay and that they kids didn’t stress me out too badly. We just chatted about everything from nail polish to weight watchers to politics. It was a nice conversation and I really needed it right when she called.

Yesterday, Angel came over and we hung out and did a bunch of stuff, she kept the kids in line while I got my hair done and then got her hair done too (it looks fabulous!). She decided to crash over and keep me company, but then.. Jen and Dave and Dave’s room mate all had a similar idea and I ended up with a house full of people on a weeknight. It was fun, no pressure low stress and it made me feel so good to have all of these people around me who were worried about me. Thanks you guys, I love you. *virtual hugs all around*

Tonight, we’re alone in the house and I was a little creeped out about going to bed with no one else here. I mean, yeah I do have a 90 pound dog who has been very irritable lately due to arthritis pain (mild, but enough that he’s grumpy), but something just… bothered me. It might have been that movie I watched this morning that set me off… I dunno. I checked all the windows and doors and eventually ended up looking at a previous birthday gift from Dave, which lives atop a shelf in my basement. It’s a sword. No edge, I don’t know what the construction is like, it doesn’t seem flimsy, but it is for display only so it might… potentially break if I hit an intruder with it.

Still… it is a six pound metal stick and if I were to smack an intruder with it, it would hurt a lot and might give me time to grab my cell and speed dial emergency services…

It’s now within reach. *chuckle*

Feel free to have a laugh at my expense, but still the kids and I both feel… so alone when my hubby isn’t here. It’s good to know that I have friends that went out of their way to make sure that we didn’t feel that way.