Bored again.

So, I’m hanging out, staining my son’s new desk… and I’m bored out of my mind. So I figured I’d read the news and blog, right? Ha!

Nothing in the news that I have any comment on, so what’s the point? So instead… you’re stuck with this… a story about the staining of this desk.

After my husband and I spent an hour arguing about the color, (which we were never going to match perfectly in the first place because his furniture is maple and the desk is pine… no stain is going to show up right with that much of a color difference, especially not when you’re limited to six color options) we bought all the stuff, got the stuff home and set up the desk only to discover that the desk gets bolted together with these super huge screws that require an allen wrench to screw in. Guess what? Hubby’s allen wrench bits for his screwdriver were stolen several years ago in thefts out of our garage, and… his 3/16ths allen wrench out of his set is gone. So we had to use the little tool that came with the desk.

So my son spent an hour last night putting this thing together and in the end, needed both my help and my husband’s to get the screws in all the way. Then… we start staining.

This desk is gorgeous, it has wonderfully carved legs that are very nice in shape… and a pain in the ass to stain. I keep getting little drips running down the legs and having to go back over them with a mostly dry brush. This desk… I am certain, is going to look like I stained it, as opposed to a professional. But, I am hopeful that this will add to it’s charm.

So… here I sit, waiting and hoping that this thing comes out all right, and that it’s done soon so that my son has a desk to do his homework at come the start of the school year. And maybe… if we’re lucky, I will have time to go clothes shopping for them before school starts.