Bush Caught Tokin?

Who gives a damn?

Clinton did it, I’m sure that Reagan did it. Heck, many other important political figures have probably smoked pot in our history, and what about Owen Wilson or Matthew McConaughey? These guys have openly admitted to smoking pot and we haven’t taken them to task for it.

Ya know, I had this talk with my son Friday night on the way back from taking a friend home. “Yeah, I know a lot of people who have smoked pot, or do smoke pot. I understand that they enjoy it, but what happens when you smoke pot? You lose brain cells, you giggle a lot and you get the munchies. I can do all of that without losing brain cells. I’ve never seen the point in it, and I bet now that I’ve said this, you don’t either. But, my point is you’re going to meet people in your life who make choices that are different from yours. The question you have to ask yourself, is weather or not you should let that bother you.”

Just like I could have given two shits about Monica, or the fact that Clinton didn’t inhale, I could give two shits if Bush admits that he did. At least he’s not trying to worm out of it with some bullshit excuse about not inhaling.