Bush Under Fire for Service

Isn’t this pissing you off?

I mean come on… how much longer do we have to sit here and watch Kerry and his cronies whip out the service record bullshit? Clearly he’s dug his own grave with this… maybe the dems are hoping that turning the tables will dig an equally deep hole for the president. Who knows?

All I know… is that I am now sick of this.

I still have no idea what Kerry stands for because they’ve spent so much time reporting on his Vietnam service that I know more about his medals (three purple hearts, a bronze star and a silver star…) than I do about his political and moral views.

At least with Bush, I know what he stands for. Kerry? Nope… no clue. Just know that he’s probably not going to help me figure out why my kids are bringing home craploads of math homework and can spell the words “nicotine”, “addict” and “alcohol” but can’t spell things like “super” or “great!”.