Category: Administrator’s Notes

Updates and other random administration related weirdness.

New theme and etc.

In the process of doing some puttering around online, my husband decided that he hated my old theme. He talked me into a new one and has convinced me to start working on some more… serious content for the blog.

So… after much mucking about with banner graphics, javascript, php and… also some generalized hacking of the theme… here we are!

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A Note on Commenting…

Hi folks! I just wanted to welcome the new commenters this evening, hajimemashite!

Also I’d like to draw everyone’s attention to the sidebar and this article titled “Commenters Read This First!. Maybe it’s silly to post guidelines for commenting, but I did have one comment come in today that I had to delete because it was offensive. Let’s all be nice to each other and have a good time!… [Read More]

Please excuse the construction dust…

I’m testing out some new themes. Apologies for all the construction dust. I’m digging this one called vistered little and am currently customizing the wallpapers to fit in with my blog a bit better. There are plans to fully integrate my website into my wordpress blog, which would be very nice because then I could actually allow comments on my poetry and short fiction!

Anyway, please pardon the mess and safe and happy surfing!

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A Note on Categories.

So.. I have all these categories, and I’ve never bothered to tell anyone what they are for, so.. here goes:

Administrator’s Notes: This category will contain any site announcements regarding upgrades, changes or scheduled down time should I become aware of any such events, or be responsible for them.

News from the Random: It’s all about me. That’s right. This is my blog, you came here to read about me, right? Well.. okay maybe not. But if you don’t want to read about me and the random crap that I think about, go check out another category.

Oooh Shiny!: This one should be obvious, but if it’s not.. I am a gadget nut. News about technology, gadgets and things that just scream “Sparkly!” go here. I am a gemini after all, and we are required to get distracted by all things pretty and glowing.

Rants: Not so pretty and glowing. The rants are about things that irk me, annoy me and generally tick me off.… [Read More]