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We’ve been busy!

It’s been a busy few weeks for me. I got sucked into reading Plato’s Republic for my philosophy class and now I’m reading Descartes. Or at least… I’m ditching the reading of Descartes that I am supposed to be doing, in order to bring you this post!

The democrats won many seats in congress on November 7th. That was sad. Most disappointing for me is that Maria Cantwell won again, and no matter how hard I try I can’t seem to vote that woman out of office. Even though she is almost single handedly responsible for the increase that we are about to receive in our power bill that may drive several Washingtonians out of their current lifestyles due to their inability to be able to afford expensive wind-power, which power companies are now required by law to use here in our state. I mean… forget the fact that Washington doesn’t get all that much wind in areas where that power would be most useful… forget the fact that we already have hydro out the wahzoo.… [Read More]

Anime Night

It’s anime night again! Tonight’s features are as follows:

Macross 7
Ah My Goddess
Paranoia Agent
Death Note

And.. whatever other random things we decide to watch out of boredom.… [Read More]

Anime Night.

Just for the sake of random weirdness, I figured I’d post tonight’s anime night lineup. For those who are unfamiliar with this tradition, I head down to the basement to watch anime with the kids on our 100″ home theater screen. Anime night is only in Japanese with subtitles. This was done to give my children no options about reading over the course of the week. Since I began this tradition my children’s reading grades have improved astronomically, I encourage all parents with children that are anime fans to start just such a tradition in their home, though probably not with my choices of titles because my kids are older and are better equipped to handle blood and guts.

  1. Trinity Blood episodes 3 and 4
  2. Macross 7 episodes 1 and 2.
  3. Trigun episodes 9 and 10
  4. Gun X Sword episodes 9 and 10.
  5. Ah My Goddess episodes… um… I forget *chuckle*
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Trigun Remix Volume 2

Geneon’s releases of Trigun Remix are coming out so fast that I can scarcely keep up with them. I purchased this volume at the end of September and volume 3 of this series is already out!

This will be a short review because I think I covered this release fairly well in my original review of the first volume. If you’re buying this release, it’s because you’ve already seen Trigun and loved it. The 5.1 dub track is nice, but this series really could have benefitted from some video clean up. The only news about this volume really was that there was a slight hiccup with the release that didn’t cause any delays because several shipments that were sent out early had the wrong cover art in the packaging.… [Read More]

Trinity Blood Volume 1

Funimation has finally issued the first DVD of a series that I caught when it was being fansubbed and I am so glad! Trinity Blood is a post-apocalyptic story that follows Father Abel Nightroad as he tries to save the world from an invasion of vampires.

Visuals: This is a Gonzo title, I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Gonzo’s visuals and I tend to buy anime simply because they were produced by Gonzo. The only real exception to that has been Speed Grapher. I’m only avoiding Speed Grapher because it’s not a series that I can sit down and watch with the kids. Trinity Blood is a bit graphic in the violence category so I wouldn’t recommend that you let young children watch this series, but it’s great fun with older kids because the violence is just graphic enough for you to realize that something really bad has happened without going over the top.… [Read More]