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X Remix Box Set

X (TV) is based on a manga written by CLAMP. X tells the story of the end of the world and the fight to save the Earth from apocalypse between the Dragons of Heaven and the Dragons of Earth. It primarily follows young Kamui as he tries to find his way through his destiny to become a dragon of heaven or a dragon of earth and the conflict that ensues after he makes his choice.

Visuals: Absolutely gorgeous. The artwork for this series stays very true to CLAMP’s characteristic style and flows beautifully. If there is use of CG in this series, it does not stick out like a sore thumb as it tends to do in other anime.

Sound: I tend to skip the English dub for most releases, but I gave the English dub a listen for an episode and found that I wasn’t too disturbed by it. The voice casting fits with the characters well enough that it was enjoyable to watch in English, but I do prefer the Japanese voice work.… [Read More]

Samurai Champloo Vol. 6.

For those who have not seen Samurai Champloo, this series is to anime now, what Cowboy Bebop was to anime of the 90’s. It is, simply put, the sh*t.

As always, everything with this series is amazing, including the English Dub, which features a favorite voice actor of mine, Steve Blum (Spike, from Cowboy Bebop) as Mugen. The music is great, the story is amazing, but I have one minor beef.

Is it just me, or is the artistic quality of this show diminishing as time goes on? Mugen and Jin just don’t seem as well drawn in these later episodes as they did in the earlier ones.… [Read More]

Ghost in the Shell SAC 2nd Gig. Volume 2

The second volume of this series does not fail to appease fans with continued gorgeous visuals and amazing story.

I don’t have many improved remarks here because I refuse to spoil the story of this absolutely incredible show. Suffice it to say that volume 2 continues where volume 1 left off and keeps right on rolling through. I’m still enjoying the series and am not seeing a decline in quality between the first and the second volumes.… [Read More]

Samurai 7: Vol. 1

This is a long awaited release for me. I’m a huge follower and fan of the work of Gonzo Digimation, so this latest installment in Gonzo’s releases to the US has been one that I’ve looked forward to for some time. So I hate having to say bad things about this release, but it’s really not Gonzo’s fault.

Backstory: Samurai 7 is a rather capricious undertaking for several animation studios. Primary animation was handled by Production IG (most famously known for Ghost in the Shell and Blood: The Last Vampire), direction and story writing was done by the venerable Akira Kurosawa. Even if you aren’t an anime nut, it’s likely that you’ve heard of Kurosawa. Production, meaning the money behind the show, was done by Gonzo Digimation. So all of the major players in anime were involved here, and some heavy hitting film-makers as well. With all of this heavy hitting cool factor going on, it’s hard to think that anyone would have anything bad to say about Samurai 7.… [Read More]

Ah My Goddess 1&2

I first heard of this series some time ago. Some company has the license for the OVA/Movie for this series and titled it “Oh My Goddess!” I’ve seen that floating around on the shelves before, but never took an interest because the packaging for the OVA box is less than spectacular and reveals little to nothing about the content on the DVD. Then I found a fansub of the tv series available online. I downloaded it and watched the first eight episodes.

Ah My Goddess is exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a light, funny and warm-hearted story that was a change from the dark and ominous anime that will be reviewed later this week. It fits that bill perfectly, but in addition that, it’s got some clever gags and grown up humor that most comedy anime simply doesn’t live up to.

The Story: Morisato Keiichi is having a hard time of it.… [Read More]