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FDA Studies Grain Free Pet Foods

I want to preface this post by saying I am NOT a veterinary nutritionist, nor am I a veterinarian. I am not an expert. I want to put this information out there so that pet owners know what is going on and can do their own research and come to their own conclusions.

So here’s what I know:

Back in July, the FDA issued a statement. The FDA’s statement warned that grain free foods containing legumes and potatoes in the first five ingredients MAY be contributing to a condition called “Taurine Deficient Dilated Cardiomyopathy” in dogs that are being fed so-called “boutique diets.”

I talked to my vet. The advice I received was to look for a food without legumes or potatoes (white AND sweet) in the first five ingredients in the list. I am also to look for a company that has a veterinary nutritionist on staff.

So far, I have narrowed this list down to a few companies: Purina, Royal Canin, First Mate, and Petcurean that have a veterinary nutritionist on staff.… [Read More]

Our Puppy is a Big Damn Hero

I apologize to my readers for my long absence from this blog. This post is overdue.

I have been hard at work on finishing my first novel and preparing it for publication and I’m still not done. I published a short story in an anthology under my pseudonym, Jolie Byrne. You can buy it here:

The Dragon’s Rocketship Presents: Hex Support

The proceeds from this anthology go to benefit a wonderful group of folks on the internet known as The Dragon’s Rocketship. They provide a safe space for people who are just a little bit weird. The know-it-alls. The smart-alecks. The nerds and the geeks and the sci-fi and fantasy enthusiasts. You know, people like me.

The paperback edition is available for sale now, the Kindle Edition is available for pre-order now and releases on December 1st, 2015. If you know me personally and order a paperback copy, bring it with you the next time we meet up and I will sign it for you!… [Read More]

With Love, Always.

The ad said that she was older and well-trained. There was no photo, but an elderly Labrador in need was something that I couldn’t let get past my notice when my friend sent me the link from Craigslist. I had to help. Convincing my husband wasn’t hard. The ad said “old.” That was all he needed to hear. I had wanted a third dog for quite some time, had a couple of brushes with adopting, but it never worked out. By the time the ad came along, I had settled on the idea that I would not have three because we were in the midst of the Summer of Cheese.

That was what we called the last summer we would get to spend with our beautiful Lucy. She was dying of cancer. I was afraid that adopting another dog and adding stress to her life would kill her. This dog needed help though.… [Read More]

Debunking the Doggie Mythbuster

What is it with people anymore? Ever since Mythbusters began airing on Discovery channel years ago, everyone’s gotta jump on the mythbusting band wagon, and it IS a bandwagon.

Jean Donaldson is a well-respected dog trainer. She doesn’t agree with “Cesar’s Way” any more than I do and she strongly believes in positive reinforcement, which I agree with too. I use positive reinforcement in my daily life with my Labradorks, but there are times when you have to correct behaviors too. It’s NOT all about reward for good behavior and ignoring the bad. Sometimes, you are responsible for creating the behavior in the first place. Sometimes, you have to react immediately to bad behavior before it can escalate into a dangerous situation. Training a dog, and owning dogs is a balancing act, sort of like parenting children. There is no such thing as a single solution that works for every dog and every dog owner, in every situation.… [Read More]

There And Back Again: Lexi’s Tale

Lexi broke out of our yard and went missing for approximately 18 hours.

I have never been so scared.

I shoved my emotions aside and dealt with trying to find her and bring her home, but really, I was a mess. The idea that we might never see Lexi again haunted me last night, especially because I knew she did not have a microchip. Admittedly, it wasn’t a new discovery, but it didn’t change anything. I’d suspected it for a while, but since I didn’t have it 100% confirmed, I waffled. So, at first, I held on to the hope that Lexi had her tags. My number and address were on there. Surely a neighbor would find her.

Well, they did. Something about their dog set her off though. It may have been because they were trying to remove a tick from their dog’s neck when she happened upon them during her little adventure.… [Read More]