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Mugen the Amazing Puppy Monster

Passed Out

So he’s home.

I thought I would need more time to recover from Reilly’s passing, and I still miss him horribly, but it’s hard to be sad when you stand at your kitchen counter typing and there is a brand new little baby licking your toes.

When I talked to his breeder, I expected to have to get on a waiting list. She ended up with two more puppies than she’d planned for this summer and hadn’t been able to find forever homes for them all at the time that we’d spoken. In other words, I got lucky. If I had waited a couple more weeks to contact her, she would have found perfect homes for all the puppies and I would have been out of luck. Maybe it was fate. … [Read More]


I have changed a word in this posting from “animal rights” to “animal welfare” because of a wonderful article I found via my breeder’s website about the difference between these two types of groups. You should read it too.

Stacy and Reilly

Somewhere on the internet… or on someone’s hard drive, maybe even one of mine, there are IRC logs of the many conversations I had the week I adopted my labrador retriever, Reilly. I was so excited when we decided to adopt him. I was even more excited when we brought him home and I was prepared. I had read voraciously about dog training. Through my search for my friend, I was introduced to the Monks of New Skete and Brian Kilcommons. Their wise words prepared me for life with my friend and kept me together. They gave me faith that I could be a good owner of the best damned dog that the world has ever seen.… [Read More]

Animal Rights?

At the Shoot As I sit here the day after Christmas, hugging my best friend and looking into his eyes as I scratch his back and comfort him because the arthritis is setting in, I am reminded again of why I adopted him. My husband spied him first, quietly napping while all the other dogs in the shelter were going insane. My husband bent down and said something to him and he woke up and immediately wagged his tail. Then he called me over and I saw this face straining to see me from behind the door to the kennel. He loved me from the moment he laid eyes on me and the second I looked into those chocolate brown eyes, I knew that we belonged together. He loved my kids from the moment we got him out into the yard to play. He loved us all and we had big enough hearts to love him right back.… [Read More]