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Digital Rights Management.

Another Reason to Get Upset at Big Music

So.. I bought this CD nearly a week ago. I do not own a bonafide cd player, except in my car. When I listen to CD’s I either listen to them in my car or on my PC.

This particular CD, Phantom Planet’s self-titled album, would not play on my PC, and my laptop isn’t a slouch in terms of computer equipment. I’m running all the latest bits and baubles. My husband is an upgrade fanatic, so whatever I don’t upgrade, he does when he’s allowed to drive.

This CD launches a little application called “CD Extra” that gives you a list of options. When you click on “Play CD” it launches Windows Media Player, which promptly does nothing. I tried to see if there was a way to get this application to launch another cd player program like RealPlayer or VLC media player, no go. So I tried to launch the CD through RealPlayer and VLC… no go.… [Read More]

My Deal with iTunes, Rhapsody and SonyConnect

These guys think they have a good idea.

I disagree.

The problem for me is actually the entire online subscription service business model. I am not a CD slut. I don’t own a wall full of music, just a handful of carefully chosen tunes (many of which are simply not in English). Subscribing to a service to be able to download music is silly when I have only ever bought maybe a max of four CDs per year. I don’t want to pay 10-20$ a month for a service I will only rarely use. I’d rather pay 20$ a year for the one or two CDs I will buy and get it over with. The digial peddlers don’t have me in mind yet. I’m unconcerned, when they do then I’ll do business with them. Until then, paying any amount of money for music that isn’t on a physical disc isn’t worth it to me, but when I am buying digital music, I don’t see much point in paying more than a buck a song.… [Read More]

Dell and Napster Hold Hands to Entice College Kids

Isn’t that a heck of a thing?

I never thought I’d see the day Napster became a legitimate business, but the more I hear about Napster’s business model, the more I think I have finally found a music service that might just work for me. It’s 10 bucks a month, and I can download all the music I want to listen to on a Napster compatible device (meaning it works with any MP3 player or PC, or stereo system components that support the WMA format.), without having to pay a 99 cents a song fee, for as long as I am a Napster member. If I drop the membership, the music I didn’t pay the 99 cent fee for goes away. The stuff I did pay the fee for, stays on my hard drive.

Napster also has several internet radio stations, and you can create your own Napster radio station in case you get bored with your current playlists.… [Read More]

Intel and Clickstar Join Forces to Sell Movie Downloads

How cool is this?

What’s even cooler is that this company, owned by Morgan Freeman, plans to offer movie downloads the day a film is released in theaters. No more limited runs of cool stuff like Ghost In the Shell 2, or the director’s cut of Blade Runner folks! Now the possibility exists to use Clickstar to download it and watch it on our own televisions, computers, or home theaters.

This rocks! Sign me up!… [Read More]