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Digital Rights Management.

Your Rights.

The last week has seen a torrent of invasions on the rights of Americans, all handed down by SCOTUS. Tsykoduk made a wonderful comment to that end on Justus For All” “It’s been a bad week for freedoms.”

And boy is he right. Here’s a brief round-up.

The rights of homeowners have just become moot. Rather than being able to be safe and secure in our homes, our local governments now have the right to take our homes and give them to private corporations.

The Sony betamax ruling which held that devices that had the potential to be used for piracy could be legally manufactured, providing there were legitimate uses for the device, has been overturned by SCOTUS.

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, your VCRs, and DVDRs have just become illegal, unless you can clearly prove an abundance of legitimate uses for your device and show that you had no idea that the device in question could be used for piracy.… [Read More]

The Tech Exec that Broke Federal Law?

Very interesting reading…

Here’s a snippet for you:

“I used a program to copy a few seconds from the DVD of the movie Rudy,” he said. “It’s the scene showing the final game of the Notre Dame season with Rudy’s family in the stands cheering wildly when he got to play. I then spliced in some snippets of pro players doing a touchdown dance from NFL Films, and I overlaid it with audio from ‘Who Let the Dogs Out?’ […]

There was just one problem. “It turns out to do this, I violated the DMCA. I used the DeCSS program to circumvent the encryption and access the movie clips on the DVD that I own,” Whiteside told the aides. “The end product is a DVD that I don’t sell or distribute but is considered a derivative work under copyright law.”[…]

“This is precisely the kind of exciting consumer creativity that should be enabled,” he said.

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The Death of the DVD?

So dude here has a point..

But I don’t see this sort of thing becoming the norm in our existence until business catches up with technology. At the rate that industry groups, like the RIAA, are going… that is probably not going to happen before those of us reading this article are old and gray and contemplating our grandchildren cutting the grass for us.… [Read More]

Apple Fires off Harsh Words at Real

And Drunkenblog has some things to say about it that are incredibly interesting.

Given what this guy has to say, it makes perfect sense that Apple might accuse Real of hacking the DRM in the ipod. According to drunkenbatman, the ipod is a thing that is living on a very short time span, and sooner or later, our mp3 players, cameras, pdas and all the other gadgetry that we carry around with us, will be built into our cell phones.

As an owner of a cell phone that can play mp3’s, take pictures, e-mail, instant message, web surf, receive phone calls, hold all my appointments and sound off an alarm before the appointed appointment time to remind me.. (and it also has about 100 or so games available to play on it, including Prince of Persia. No, my cell phone is *not* an n-gage either, just your basic run of the mill high end pda phone) I totally know what this guy is saying.… [Read More]

Record Industry Losses?

If the post comes out looking funky… let me know in the comments. This is my first trial of BlogThis!

Real losses in the record industry. Are these factually attributed to file sharing technologies or not?

According to this article, the answer is no. From the numbers he’s been able to find, this is not the case, and I’m not surprised. I feel like the RIAA is Chrysler here, asking for the federal government to bail them out of bankruptcy, even though they’ve screwed it up for themselves…

Something to think about.… [Read More]