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Three Months Gone.


It’s been almost three months since you left and I still miss you every single day. It gets hard every time I see another big black dog. It’s hard to drive my car because I’m used to having you breathe in my hair when I zip through the bends. The kids miss you sneaking into their bedrooms to sleep on their beds and I miss your nose pushing into my hand to wake me up every morning. Daddy misses your doggie bounce and wiggly butt.… [Read More]

Walking Away

There has come a time in every relationship that I’ve had with most of the people I know… where I have had to walk away from them for a while. Either they create too much stress for me or they say things about me to my friends and family that are simply not true. Perhaps they are well-meaning and try to help when I complain about my problems, but instead they say things that go completely against my grain and I just smile and nod and then don’t bother to return their phone calls.

I know this sounds petty and childish, but it’s really not. The truth is, sometimes friends grow apart. Sometimes things change and the really great friend that you once had isn’t such a great person for you to be around anymore. I have a friend who refers to these people as “toxic individuals” and it’s a really good phrase for them, especially because I think that the moment a relationship with another person becomes toxic, that’s it.… [Read More]

Mugen the Amazing Puppy Monster

Passed Out

So he’s home.

I thought I would need more time to recover from Reilly’s passing, and I still miss him horribly, but it’s hard to be sad when you stand at your kitchen counter typing and there is a brand new little baby licking your toes.

When I talked to his breeder, I expected to have to get on a waiting list. She ended up with two more puppies than she’d planned for this summer and hadn’t been able to find forever homes for them all at the time that we’d spoken. In other words, I got lucky. If I had waited a couple more weeks to contact her, she would have found perfect homes for all the puppies and I would have been out of luck. Maybe it was fate. … [Read More]

Facebook Sucks

The last few years have been very cathartic for me. I have had to say good bye to a lot of things that I loved from the time that I was very small. My grandmother passed away last summer, just ten days before my birthday. I had to haul ass to get home to talk to her just one more time before she left and she didn’t even get to say good-bye to my children. That was how fast I had to move just to be with her. After I said good bye to her, I said good bye to the house where I grew up. The yard was overgrown, but the trees were still there and I could still see the scars on the old maple where my swing used to be. I never knew how my grandfather managed to get the swing put up there, or if he made my dad do it.… [Read More]

Farewell to His Majesty.

A rather poignant tweet crossed my eyes yesterday. So I apologize to my readers and to the tweeter for not being able to give her appropriate name, @shelliwazu will have to do. What she tweeted was thus: “I remember thinking to myself many years ago, that I would know I was old when Madonna or Michael Jackson died.”

Ironically, I had the same thought. I was 9 years old in January 1984 when “Thriller” first hit the airwaves. Jackson looked so gross in that zombie make-up. Quite the contrast to the smooth, cool looking bad ass that he was in “Beat it”, but I never agreed with everyone on what the best song off that album was. It didn’t matter though. We all had the jackets with zippers all over them. We all had the single, sequined glove and the matching socks that went under a pair of black penny loafers.… [Read More]