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Spokane News Web Lives in the Dark Ages

Update: Sheryl @ stardust global ventures has a similar post, with similar thoughts on Spokane’s Local Media Web. She found it ironic that she and I had the same ideas, while not having ever crossed paths, and I have to say, I agree. Give her article a read!

Tonight, I was browsing happily from my iPhone. This is quite possibly the neatest feature of my iPhone for me. I love the ability to browse the web, and I really appreciate that most national news sites that I visit, such as Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, and CBS News all have iPhone friendly websites. These sites auto-detect that I’m surfing from an iPhone and load up a less graphics intensive version of the site that is easier to read on my iPhone and I assume that these sites work similarly with Blackberries and other mobile web browsing devices. I enjoy this feature so much that this very blog is set up to auto-detect iPhone users when they visit the site.… [Read More]

Animal Rights?

At the Shoot As I sit here the day after Christmas, hugging my best friend and looking into his eyes as I scratch his back and comfort him because the arthritis is setting in, I am reminded again of why I adopted him. My husband spied him first, quietly napping while all the other dogs in the shelter were going insane. My husband bent down and said something to him and he woke up and immediately wagged his tail. Then he called me over and I saw this face straining to see me from behind the door to the kennel. He loved me from the moment he laid eyes on me and the second I looked into those chocolate brown eyes, I knew that we belonged together. He loved my kids from the moment we got him out into the yard to play. He loved us all and we had big enough hearts to love him right back.… [Read More]

Merry Christmas!

And as proof that non-geek people have no business being married to geeks, please take a look at the second coolest Christmas present I have ever been given besides like my Commodore 64, when I was 13.

I love my hubby, he’s a wonderful man, and he really knows how to make a geek gal squeal.

Ever since he told me he’d registered it and I’d finished knocking the wind out of him with hugs, I’ve had this song stuck in my brain and I share it with you now, merely because I can and it seems appropriate, though I have absolutely no idea why.

Merry Christmas folks, and welcome to my new haunt. … [Read More]