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Random nifty things that have been found for the gadget geek in all of us.

“Play with your damn kids!”

Adam Sessler has a message for all you parents out there that have kids that video game. Sit down with your kids and play with them!

This is something I’ve been advocating for years. If you’re kids are doing something, you’ve got to get involved so that you can understand it when they talk about it at dinner, and also to make yourself aware of the kinds of things that they are doing when your back is turned. With video games, you can’t know for sure what they’re playing until you’ve watched them do it. I’m not saying you have to pick up a controller and beat Final Fantasy XII. I am saying that you should spend some time watching your kid beat Final Fantasy XII and ask them questions about the game, find out why they think it’s fun and see the game in action to make sure that it meets your standards.… [Read More]

Ipod Swag!

I’ve had my iPod for nearly a month and in that month I’ve managed to get my hands on some iPod swag that I deem to be essential for all iPod owners. So for all you iPod fans out there, here it is, the post of all that is essential in the world of iPod Swag!

1. Belkin Clear Acrylic Case, for 2nd Gen iPod Nano.
This thing is the bomb! The first thing I did with my iPod nano the day after I got it, was drop it on the ground. I was so upset because now it has a scratch in the aluminum finish. The beauty part about these Belkin cases is that the front of them is colored to coordinate to your nano (or you can mix and match if you want), but this colored front hides any damage already on the front of your iPod.
Pros: It has a click wheel protector that does not reduce the sensitivity of the click wheel, hard screen protector for the color screen on the nano and a carabiner clip that you can actually rely on to keep your iPod firmly attached to your belt loop, or in my case, to my purse.… [Read More]


I received a zCover for my birthday. I’ve tested it out for a couple of weeks and I love this thing. There’s only one drawback for the zen micro zCover, it does not have a screen protector for the screen. Otherwise here’s the breakdown.

ZCovers are silicon covers for your portable devices. They make covers for apple laptop keyboards, standard keyboards, the psp, all of the iPods, the creative zen players, the older sony mp3 players and several of the more expensive cell phones, such as the blackberry and the treo. They have an optional belt clip on the back that is a trick to remove, which is a good thing because once you get that puppy on there, you are sure that it won’t be coming back off.

First thing’s first. The belt clip on this thing rocks. I have had a problem with belt clips in the past. For previous incarnations of protectors with a belt clip attachment, the clips have never been very secure.… [Read More]

Smart Wraps

My mom sent me a couple of these things called “Smart Wraps”. I have some headphones that I truly love, but they’ve caused me problems because of the extra long cable. Sometimes, the cable is great and sometimes it’s just in the way. I’ve also found that headphones with cords that are too short tend to tug on the headphone jack and loosen it in my electronic devices.

What is a gadget geek to do?

Get yourself some of these babies. They rock. You can adjust the length of the cord to what suits your purposes at the time. They hold the cable in place no matter what your movement. I’ve used it while doing weights, sitting in front of my laptop and while just walking around. The cord never gets tangled, is always the length I need it to be and best of all, doesn’t get damaged. On top of that, they’re inexpensive making it the perfect gadget geek accessory!… [Read More]