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IPod Nano Isn’t All That

So there you are…

… you’ve just spent 200$ on an iPod nano. You’ve been saving up your spare change for months debating on which mp3 player you were going to blow your hard-earned cash on. You play around with it at home for an hour or so, and set it down on your kitchen counter. When you come back, the screen is cracked and what’s worse.. Apple support, apparently doesn’t care?

I don’t know what all the hub-bub is about for sure. I just read the above article and visited the websites linked in that article. If either the article, or the website, are peddling true stories, I’ll be staying away from the iPod Nano, and I suggest you do the same.

Sort of like.. the gameboy advance when it came out…

Update: Apple has acknowledged this flaw in the iPod Nano and is offering a replacement for damaged units.… [Read More]

Sony’s iPod Killer

And man is it pretty.

I have been considering a digital music player for myself lately. Mostly because the psp, while cool, is too bulky and gets used more frequently by my husband and son than it does by me. I’ve been feeling a tad daunted by the iPod however, because I don’t want to install yet another media player on my machine. Before my computer went into the shop, I had SonicStage, RealPlayer, WMP, Nero Showtime and VLC media player installed on my machine. I didn’t even bother installing winamp on it because of all the excessive media players.

I want drag and drop file transfer, or transfer with software I already have. I want about 2-4 gig of space, and I want the player to be big enough that I will notice that it’s in the pocket of my jeans when I go to do laundry. The iPod nano simply doesn’t fit the bill, and many stores have either taken the iPod minis off the shelves, or not bothered to drop their prices on them, even though Apple is discontinuing the product.… [Read More]

Revolution? I don’t think so.

Nintendo has revealed its planned controller for the Revolution. I have to say, it is a revolutionary looking controller. Revolutionary in that no other controller to date has been so badly designed in my opinion. I was scared of the PS3’s space age looking boomerang, but this remote control design is not what I want to hold in my hand while I’m chasing after barrels playing Donkey Kong.

In fact, I would have to call this controller a button masher’s nightmare. And since Nintendo’s target audience is age 10 and under… where button mashing is par for the course to get anything done in a video game….

Nintendo, you lose points for this ugly, single handed controller.… [Read More]

Nintendo’s Ploy to Stay Afloat..

.. and it fails to shock me. I am not surprised at all that Nintendo is attempting to capitalize as much as it possibly can on Mario and Donkey Kong. That’s what Nintendo has always done.

This said, in terms of corporate stability, you have to give it to Nintendo. Not posting a loss since 1989 is a powerful thing for a company who’s core business is in the electronic gadget territory. Say what you will about the gameboy, it was the first widely available, relatively inexpensive handheld video game unit. Being first, has its perks.

The first serious competitor for the Gameboy is the PSP. Yes, we know the Atari Lynx was cool, and the Sega Game Gear was even neater (my mom had one, I thought they were neat), but in terms of brand staying power, and the sheer level of financial backing, and not to mention style factor, Sony makes the former Atari and Sega look like gaming companies in miniature.… [Read More]