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E-Reader Debate Decided: Why I Hate My New Kindle

My wonderful husband chose to get me a Kindle 2 for our anniversary this year. I felt so shocked. I hadn’t quite made up my mind on what was the right e-reader for me, he had spoken out harshly against the Kindle, but when I opened the box, I just stared at it, sort of numb. Of course, I kissed him a lot and truly appreciate the gift. I immediately slid my new Kindle into its cover and downloaded some books from Feedbooks and went to town. So if you see my “reading list” page expanding rapidly this month… you now know why.… [Read More]

My Pink Hoodie

Now and then, the graphic designer in me gets bored and wants to come out and play. When this happens, I usually end up designing new blog graphics.. and wallpapers. I haven’t posted any wallpapers online in a long time, but this one was fun and didn’t take long, no emotion invested here.

I made it because it matched my hoodie. Not just any hoodie… my favorite pink hoodie.

Check it out, and if you like it, feel free to download it from my flickr page. Screen res is 1280×800 because that’s what fits my mac. If you’re using another res, post it in the comments and I’ll see about getting a resized version for you.

mypinkhoodie[Read More]

Life is Different in Mac Land

A dear friend of mine, and I call him that in spite of all the arguments we’ve had lately, has been considering the idea of getting a Mac. I think part of the appeal to him is that Macbooks are lightweight, versatile and well, he’s probably heard more than a bit from me telling him to just dive in and drink the kool-aid, but we’ve run into a few problems that have caused him to drop names at me like, “Mactard” and this drives me insane, and oddly enough, he finds this amusing. I think the guy gets a kick out of seeing me get passionate about the things I love.

When I first got my mac, I was confused about some things. My macbook is the first mac I have ever owned. I’ve used a couple, but those were always in school labs because Apple donated computers to public institutions for years.… [Read More]

i Love Katamari!

I just got word that Bandai Namco released i Love Katamari for the iPhone on the App store.

It’s 7.99$ and the word on the ground is, the thing was optimized for the iPod Touch, which has a faster processor than the iPhone, but still… Katamari crack for iPhone lovers!!! WOOHOO!

I might have to go drop 8$ on this ridiculous little game.… [Read More]

Regular People Do NOT Understand Geeks.

Let’s be realistic about how we get involved in relationships that work.

We find someone that we like the look of, we learn if they have things in common with us, and if we find enough commonality to build a foundation upon, we can have a successful relationship with that person. This is true of friendship, family and romance. It’s actually really very simple, but people get so wound up about romance and dating that they can’t see the forest for the trees.… [Read More]