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Some Crazy Asian Finally Invented the Persocom.

Now, of course, I disagree that she’s perfect but I know a lot of guys who will appreciate this article in which a man has built himself a wife. via /.

What more could a guy want, really?

This gal is attractive, reads you the morning headlines and has a smokin’ hot bod, but he can’t have sex with her yet. Much like Chii from Clamp’s manga, Chobits. I always felt so bad for Hideki. He had all that porn hanging around, he was clearly not in control of his hormones… and he couldn’t have sex with his girlfriend because she was a robot. … [Read More]

Netflix Silverlight Plugin for Mac is in the Wild.

Netflix announced that its silverlight plugin that allows Mac users to use the Netflix Instant Watch feature is available today, as in like.. right now. If you go to netflix from a mac, and click on “Watch now!” on any instant play title, it forwards you to a page where you can download the silverlight plugin.

However… I think I am going to wait a week and see how this one shakes out first. The early reviews from beta testers of the Silverlight plug-in were not at all positive and one guy complained that he actually had to reboot his mac. Given than I haven’t had to reboot my mac once in the last week or shut it down, I find there to be something inherently wrong with that idea… so I’ll wait.

What about the rest of you mac users out there?

Are you brave enough?… [Read More]

The Nokia N97: Is it just me, or is this thing the Gigantor of cellular devices?

I really get excited about cell phone tech. I live by my cell phone, my entire life is programmed into it so there are a lot of features that I use and need and the biggest one is probably scheduling software and task management that is easy to use and is not buggy. This isn’t much to ask for, at least that’s what I think, but you’d be surprised at how few phones provide these features. … [Read More]

The Blackberry Storm is Coming…

And you don’t need to get the wife and kids to the storm cellar. Much like every other Blackberry, the reviews have come in and said the same things. I’m just going to give you the highlights and a link to the article I found that has a good round up of the reviews I’ve read today.

1. Clunky user interface
2. Sub-standard web browsing experience.
3. Clickable touch screen “seems like a failed experiment”.

The fact that Apple made a great user interface that even my technophobe aunt can use, made a web browser that works like firefox fit on a cell phone, and their gorgeous touch screen are all corner stones of why the iPhone is what it is. Until someone can make these three things come together in a phone again, and put out a device that has some advantage over the iPhone that I cannot currently see, then iPhone killers really are just an idea in the distant future.… [Read More]