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Barack Obama to Suffer from Internet Withdrawal.

This is something that had never occurred to me. The president of the United States cannot communicate via email. I’m sure that I knew that somewhere deep down, but I was sure exceptions were made for family. I was positive that it was always possible for George Bush to email pictures of his wife and pets to his parents as they enjoy their retirement, but the New York Times pointed out that Barack Obama is expecting to be told by the secret service to give up his blackberry.

People that know me in real life know that it is nearly impossible to separate me from my iPhone. I am practically attached to the thing, and when I broke my first gen iPhone earlier this week I was so upset that I wrote a scathing blog post about the 3g that I had replaced the phone with. Of course… now I don’t want to give the 3g up because it’s my NEW iPhone and is my NEW appendage… and it’s shiny too.… [Read More]

The Dumbest Ideas in Computer Security

This article is very much related to the comment discussion I had with tsykoduk yesterday in this post, where tsykoduk has begun my much needed education on computer security in the wireless world.

Some of these points are really hilarious and these are more related to the corporate world than anything else, but still a good read for those of us who are interested in modern computer security. This is also a fine example of what I believe to be true, that good computer security is 90% common sense, 10% strong technology. … [Read More]

iPhone Swag: Sedio Inno Case and Dock

Okay, iPhone owners, you totally have to check this puppy out. It’s the Sedio Inno Case. This thing… is the stuff. It’s rubberized, but feels silky to the touch, is completely open on the front of the phone. Yes, I said completely open. No access to any part of the front of the iPhone is hindered in anyway. It fits tightly, without adding a lot of bulk to your iPhone, and the thing is lined with felt to keep the case itself from causing unnecessary scratches.

I loved this thing when I saw it. When it sold out, I asked my husband to watch for them to come back in stock so he could order it for me and he liked it so much that he ordered one for himself.

I also highly recommend the docks that go with these cases if you like to dock your phone on your nightstand at night.… [Read More]

Jobs Says No to Flash on iPhone.

And while all the flash nerds can gripe and cry about this all they want… they should probably talk to someone who actually owns an iphone. I dunno about you, but me and my iPhone toting friends want NOTHING to do with something as insecure and unstable as flash on our cell phones, which are capable of making phone calls from telephone numbers printed on the web.

That’s just asking for some jackass hacker to come up with some way to exploit my phone and while I trust Adobe for photoshop, I don’t trust Adobe for anything else and certainly don’t want to have to mess with a resource hungry Adobe app on my iPhone. It takes 2 gig worth of RAM on my PC to make anything Adobe run smoothly, iPhones just don’t have that kind of real estate.

Speak up in the comments, fellow iPhone owners!… [Read More]